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Meeting planning is about structuring the entire meeting process and prepare each step/part to work in cooperation with the other(s). It involves program development, scheduling, ground transportation and transfers, accommodation, contract Management, social activities, and even tours.

Site selection refers to selecting the appropriate venue for your meeting, handling catering, decorations, music & performances, and audio-visual support.

On-site management offers you a “right hand” to make it all happen while you focus on your business & guests. It includes schedule management, coordination with providers, registration management, hostess services, reception management, and any other related tasks.


A company is as strong as it’s team. And a team is as strong as its weakest member.
This is why SAAD Events has given great interest & focus on creating a line of services dedicated to boosting team spirit & enhancing corporate relations.

We believe in the team spirit that must unite employees. We also believe in the “Esprit de Corps” the French introduced during the Napoleonic era.

SAAD Events handles all your corporate events, managing the entire occasion from the planning phase to the execution & audit.
A limited list of events that could be catered for includes sales training, any kind of training, new product/service launches, annual gatherings/dinners, etc.


We take the frustration & ache out of “Conventions Organization”.
With many years of experience in the industry, SAAD Events helps you plan & organize professional conventions on a large scale, from local to international, public to private, amateur to professional, specialized to diversified. We cater to all your needs.

We plan the entire event just for you. Tailor-made for your needs and verified by our long list of satisfied customers.

We manage all the tasks from logistics & transportation to F&B & other providers, to guest management (transportation, hotels, accommodations, reception, etc.), to D-day management (guest’s reception, registration, stationery, VIPs reception, audio-visual support, etc.) up to post-event management (follow-up on guests, feedback collection, etc.)


With SAAD Events, you will have a strong partner to help you achieve your PR goals.
We cater to all your needs from personal to corporate events, local or international, amateur, or professional.
With a good record of accomplishments to show & numerous success stories to share, we promise you the best, most professional service you could find.
Our trusted network of partners & providers is the best and among the most reputed in the industry.

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