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We offer a comprehensive range of Services and Solutions that encompass a wide array of options, ensuring our clients have access to an extensive suite of offerings. Some of our key services and solutions include, but are not limited to:


Since its founding in 1929, SAAD Holding has been committed to providing high-quality services to businesses and individuals. With a strong focus on financial management, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, SAAD has expanded to become a leader in the transport, travel, and tourism industries.

SAAD’s corporate headquarters is located in the heart of Beirut City, occupying 800 square meters of state-of-the-art office space. With over 50 dedicated professionals, SAAD’s headquarters is easily accessible from the majority of the city’s residential and commercial districts.



Our team

At SAAD Holding, our driving force is a dedicated team of professionals who combine unwavering commitment with well-honed expertise. Get to know the individuals behind our success, each with their unique talents and skills, all working cohesively to serve you better. Discover the heart and soul of our organization, and rest assured that your goals are in capable hands.

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