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Corporate Travel Management

Experience seamless corporate travel with our comprehensive end-to-end services. From hassle-free booking and itinerary management to cost optimization and traveler support, we ensure that your business trips are efficient, cost-effective, and stress-free. Trust us to handle every aspect of your corporate travel management, so you can focus on your business objectives while we take care of the rest.

Online Booking Tool

Streamline your travel planning with our user-friendly online booking tool. Discover convenience at your fingertips as you effortlessly search, book, and manage your corporate travel arrangements. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency with our intuitive platform, designed to make booking your business trips a breeze.

Travel Policy Development

Saad travel is a Lebanese based company with over 85 years of experience in the travel industry. Saad provides a diverse range of quality products and services to the highest international standards across selected growth markets.

Saad is affiliated with top industry Associations and Networks such as American Express Global Business Travel, WATA, WOI, ASTA, UFTAA…etc

Management / Expense Reporting

Effortlessly manage and track your business travel expenses with our advanced expense reporting system. Our specialized platform is designed to meet the unique needs of corporate travelers, offering seamless integration with your travel bookings and providing detailed insights into your expenditure. Gain control, enhance cost efficiency, and make informed decisions to maximize the value of your business travel.

Unused Ticket Reconciliation

Recover lost value from unused tickets with our efficient Unused Ticket Reconciliation service. Our specialized team will meticulously review your unused tickets, identify opportunities for refunds or credits, and ensure that you maximize the value of every booking. With our expertise, you can optimize your travel budget while minimizing losses from unused tickets, ultimately contributing to your company’s bottom line.

Profile Management

Our user-friendly platform empowers your team to effortlessly search, book, and manage business trips, all while ensuring compliance with your travel policy and cost-saving measures. Experience convenience and efficiency at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on your business objectives while we simplify your travel arrangements.

Traveler Tracking

We offer real-time monitoring and communication tools to keep a close eye on your team’s whereabouts during business trips, allowing you to respond swiftly to any unexpected situations or emergencies.

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