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"Gain insight into your travel spend"

Our state-of- the-art reporting system gives you complete access into all your travel spend so that you can proactively manage the 2nd largest controllable expense in your organization.

Our customized MIS report will assist you to track & analyze spending patterns, verify policy adherence, and improve your travel program and contract negotiations.

Review, audit, report and analyze travel expenses — we make it smoothly

Even with all the communication and technology at your fingertips, business plans can still be unpredictable. Meetings get canceled and rescheduled on a daily basis, making unused airline tickets an inevitable part of any corporate travel program.

But why should that mean an inevitable loss? With our unused ticket management solutions, we ensure you retain the most value from your unused tickets, whether you booked online or with one of our dedicated travel professionals. Our technology solutions allow you to track and access unused ticket data through online reporting tools, giving you better control of your travel dollars that would otherwise go to waste.

More control = more savings

Contingency planning cannot be accomplished in vacuum, or without proper support. Our dynamic team provides the highest quality of service so that you are happy you choose Saad Travel.

Our contingency plan delegates the entire staff to create survivability solutions for any rising crisis. During the planning process a lot of questions were asked and answers were found to resolve issues that may have been previously taken for granted. So, we offer support till the end and up to the international standards.

The establishment of a travel policy is of major importance to an organization for controlling travel and entertainment expenses. Employees cannot be expected to follow guidelines when there are no guidelines to follow. Consequently, many employees do not take advantage of cost saving opportunities that can dramatically reduce the travel costs incurred by an organization.

When employees are aware of budgetary constraints, they respond accordingly. A policy encourages compliance among travelers by setting reasonable guidelines, explaining the rationale behind them and describing penalties for non-compliance. A strong policy also provides negotiating leverage for a company, to indicate to a potential supplier its ability to move volume and market share.

The solution is proper planning and management of the travel budget, in combination with a solid travel policy. There is no standard policy that will satisfy every corporation. SAAD Travel Corporate Services will help you design, implement and update a complete written travel policy, detailing set procedures for travelers to follow. By following the policy, your people will be able to sustain maximum control and savings for the company.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Cancelled flight? Are you stranded in an unfamiliar place? Challenging times make most jobs more challenging. Our employees will take care.
Last minute changes can be a part of any business traveler’s life. If you need to make a change or things don't go to plan, like airline cancellations or delays, there will always be someone available to make live bookings on your behalf. All travelers are provided with a 24 Hour Emergency Service telephone number with their travel documentation.

Primary access to the service is by telephone, as this is often the quickest, easiest and the most immediate way for our clients to contact us.