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Responsible Tourism

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company strives to create sustainable tourism and contribute to the development of local communities. We focus on minimizing the negative impact of our operations by implementing measures that assess and control ecological, social, cultural, and economic influences. Through immersive local experiences, we promote cultural and natural values while supporting small, high-quality local suppliers. 

Our commitment to responsible travel is reflected in our comprehensive sustainability rating system. Since 2004, our MAWASSEM Trips series has provided unique experiences combining culinary and shopping expeditions, heritage tours, and rural settings to promote economic development in rural Lebanon.

Our Programs

For those looking to maximize the positive impacts their travels have on the environments and local people of destinations they visit, the following tours have been deemed to be exceptionally responsible by our sustainability experts.

Cultural & Heritage Experience
Gastronomy Experience
Maasser El Chouf
Gems of Lebanon